Product FAQ

Product FAQ

Q: I hear a loud pop when flicking the switches.

A: This is unfortunately normal behavior due to the nature of the toggle switches used in this kit. In order to minimize the popping, please ensure the level is turned down before changing any of the pattern, low-cut or pad settings on the microphone body.

Q: My microphone sounds noisy regardless of the pattern selected.

A: Have you cleaned your PCB properly with isopropyl alcohol after soldering? Flux and solder residue can have an impact on the noise floor of the microphone and therefore, please make sure your PCB is free from these.

Q: My microphone sounds amazing in Cardioid and Omni but Figure of 8 is noisy.

A: Again, please ensure the high impedance part of the circuit is free from flux and solder residue. If that does not solve the problem, test for continuity between the backplates of the capsule by using your multimeter in continuity mode. There should not be any continuity between the backplates of the K87 capsule.