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Yuzu Opto Comp Kit

Advanced P2P Compressor Tube Coming Soon

The Yuzu Opto Compressor kit is our faithful recreation of the classic American optical compressor from the 1960s.

Based on a circuit design around several vacuum tubes, transformers and a photocell attenuator, this compressor uses a point-to-point topology to achieve its smooth compression characteristics with slow attack and release times.

Available in different kit configurations and pre-built options.

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  • All passive components to complete the compressor including resistors, capacitors, diodes, inductors etc…
  • Carefully-selected Fairchild JFET transistor.
  • Premium dual-diaphragm capsule made in the USA.
  • Superior output transformer made in the USA.
  • PCBs designed in Canada from the original LA-2A circuit.
  • High-quality microphone body made from brass with steel frame and nickel plating.
  • Detailed build guide written exclusively by the team at Yuzu Audio.
Box Contents
  • 1 x Compressor Chassis
  • 1 x Transformer
  • 3 x Switches
  • 3 x PCBs
  • 1 x Build Guide
Kit Options
  • Sowter - 1449e (Coming Soon)
  • Sowter - 1290e (Coming Soon)
  • DIY Kit
  • Pre-Built (+£TBD)
Build Guide:
  • Download PDF (Coming Soon)
Circuit Layout:
  • Download PDF (Coming Soon)
Bill of Materials:
  • Download PDF (Coming Soon)
Schematic Diagram:
  • Download PDF (Coming Soon)